Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday and a movie review

Book Blogger Hop
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"What do you consider the 
most important in a story: 
the plot or the characters?"
 Hmm, an interesting question... and I'm going to have to go with plot.
I have read stories where I HATE the main character, but because the plot was so interesting to me I kept reading (the first few books in the Anita Blake series) but I have never continued with a story whose plot I just couldn't get into.

What did you study in college, or are currently studying and did it lead to your current 9 to 5 or are you doing something totally different?


In college I studied both Photography and Graphic Design. I got my BFA, focusing in photography, and am now a full time graphic designer/photographer for a major corporation. :)

Ok, I haven't done a movie review in quite a while!

Last night... at midnight... I went to see Tron Legacy (why can I only find foreign movie posters for this movie?!)... and honestly, I was shocked by how many people were there. The theater was pretty much packed. 

Now, I don't really have a great system for reviewing movies... so for now I'll just say this.

If you enjoyed the first Tron, this one is that, rehashed, enhanced and with way better graphics (watch for somewhat creepy CG versions of Jeff Bridges... all I could think of when I saw them was Advent Children... I'll be waiting for Mr. Bridges to make his debut alongside Cloud).
The original is still the original... but at no point during this new Tron was I at all bored or tired (and seeing as how I'd only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before, that's saying something).

If you haven't seen the first Tron, though, it might not all make sense, this movie is a true sequel and builds heavily on the plot of the first movie. I would recommend getting your hands on the original and watching... for plot's sake.


  1. I actually took a couple of Graphic Design courses, but woah did I suck at it! I think I could have only done it as a hobby, I'm not that creative :P

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  2. I'm the same way. A good storyline will keep me reading even if I hate the characters. I'm a new follower. That sounds awesome! I love photography, but I don't really have the eye for it. My hop is at Coffee Table Press

  3. Yeah, if a character bugs me I can't carry on, usually. Sometimes I think plots in general don't really interest me, and I read mainly for the characters.

  4. I said plot first too with characters at a close second. Characters are important too, but if I can't get into the story than I can't get into the characters either.

    In Rachel Vincent's Shifter series, her MC Faythe drove me crazy with her choices, but I didn't totally hate her and the plot was wayyyy too exciting to drop the series. Which was a fantastic one btw!

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  5. HI stopping by to wish you a Happy Holidays . I am torn between the good plot and good characters so I'm gonna say both.

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  6. I'm an old follower just stopping by!

    I'm a both girl. I need both plot and character for me to love a book. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. hi there! old follower here just stopping by for the hop. I am going with the characters. If I don't like a character, I can barely stand to read the book.

  8. This might be the best Book Blogger Hop question I've seen to date.

    So what's the answer? Plot! Hop over to my blog and let me tell you how a good plot rescued bad characters from bad book oblivion.

    Howard Sherman

  9. Hi--found you while I was hopping through. I really love your blog, and I'm looking forward to following along with your reading adventures!

  10. Hopping by from the blog hop.

    Lots of good answers to this week's tough question.

    Stop by my blog to see my answer to this week's question.

    Also check out a design site I found...pretty neat home decorating is in the right side panel on my blog.

    Happy Holidays!!

  11. Hi! Thanks for hopping by The Enchanted Book and following. I'm here to do the same.

    I love being an English teacher most of the time. I don't do literature but writing instead. Sometimes it's really great. Other times....well...:)

    Hope you have a great week!