Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thirsty for Comments Thursdays

Welcome to Thirsty for Comments Thursday
Click the image above to join in :)

What is Thirsty for Comments?
This is a blog hop dedicated to giving good comment - please, when you are visiting, actually READ the post that is linked and make a thoughtful comment!
This is NOT a hop for "I'm here from the hop, follow me back" comments!
Link up your own SPECIFIC POST that you'd like comments on - remember - no giveaways!

The rules are simple -
1. Link up a SPECIFIC POST (NOT just your blog URL) that you'd like to have more comments on - NO  GIVEAWAYS or OTHER BLOG HOPS - they will be deleted
2. Visit AT LEAST THREE other blogs and READ the posts and then comment thoughtfully on the post.
It's a fun idea, and I like that it's meant to generate thoughtful comments.
I've gotten... and given... my fair share of 
"Oh wow, I've never read that"
"Yup, I loved that book too"
... yeah... 
it's time to step it up a notch. :)
So stop on over and check it out!


  1. Always looking for new blogs to follow. Thanks for coming over at mine. Books are great - we love to read to our little one, but don't read adult books....but I need to start b/c I understand reading helps you write better!!

  2. What a great idea, hope to participate sometime soon. PS come check out my review of Nameless

  3. Oh, this is such a WONDERFUL idea!! I'm so sick and tired of getting what I call "one-liners"!! Lol. It's especially bad with reviews. So many people leave the tired old "Great review!" and nothing more.... I usually leave long comments -- maybe too long, sometimes -- because I want to make them meaningful.

    The commenting problem becomes really obvious when I do giveaways. I give at least THREE points for blog comments in my giveaways, and that's the only time I get TONS of comments!!

    Then there are the people who simply don't comment back. But that's another story!

    Anyway, I have to stop or this will REALLY be too Needless to say, I'm joining this hop this Thursday. Let's see how it goes....

    Thanks for doing this!! :)

    1. I thought this was a pretty awesome hop! It's not got a ton of people in it yet, but I think there's room for growth.

      I agree with you that one-liners totally suck... another one that bothers me is when people go to your reviews and leave a comment like, "Great Review, I reviewed this book too, check it out here..."

      I always think, "So, you just read and reviewed this and you couldn't leave one comment based on your opinion of my review... but you want me to go do that on your review? WTH?"

      Now... I have to admit I'm probably guilty of not replying when I leave a comment and the blogger replies to it. I follow a lot of blogs, so I don't sign up for the "replies to post" notification... for the reason that my mailbox would be overrun with them, but also because I don't want a mailbox filled with other peoples comments either... so whenever people comment on my blog, I usually try to go leave a post on their blog letting them know I got their comment and replied... just in case they're as overrun with stuff as I am! XD