Friday, October 18, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday

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Q: What are some of your favorite magazines?

Oh man... here we go!
I am both a Graphic Designer and a photographer...
so I have a lot of interest in Magazines... 
and really, this just happens to be the favorite of what I have on my desk at the moment.

 Are you interested in things geeky? This magazine is for you!
It covers just about everything from gadgets to girl-geek culture.
I've had a lot of fun reading it so far. :)
Plus, this month's issue features Daryl (Norman Reedus)... how can you not love them?

 Filled with delicious recipes, bon appetit is a lovely magazine,
but unlike other food magazines,
this one is not always good for you in terms of healthiness or time consumption.

I love that you can choose pretty much anything in here and it's not going to be *terrible* for you.
Lovely photography, tasty recipes... it's a nice cooking magazine. 

Again, another enjoyable, healthier food mag. Like bon appetit, they often have very eye catching photography.

This magazine is so well organized... it's very user friendly, starting right out with a picture index to guide you to each recipe. Someone was using their noggin when they put this magazine together.
Plus, you know, tasty recipes XD

I like to pretend I know things.
Hahaha, no no, this magazine often has interesting infographics in it...
plus, I really do like the content. :)

 A magazine all about plushies... yes... yes, sign me up.
Put out by the Somerset folks, this is a cleanly designed magazine with large, lovely photos.

 Sorry to all the Martha poo-poo'ers... but this woman is still a domestic GOD.
Her magazine is beautiful too, with amazing photography and lovely layout.
Plus it's only $10 for a year subscription.

Fun design, and super informative. I love me some Wired.

National Geographic
Tried and true, if you want amazing photography, this is the place to go.

A different beast than Martha Stewart Living...
Martha Stewart Halloween is a magazine I look forward to all year long...
her ideas are great, and it comes out right when Fall is settling in.

Advanced Photoshop
I love this magazine for Photoshop tips and tricks.

Imagine FX
If you're at all interested in the digital art medium...
this magazine is something you should seriously look into.
Tips and tricks from experts, as well as a really great companion website.


  1. Wow thats a very diverse set of magazines! I think I'd love that Geek mag tho!

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  2. Wow! That's a lot of magazines.
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  3. Thank you I now NEED Geek Magazine, Wired & ImagineFX! LOL!
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  4. Wow that's a lot of magazines. I love the look of Geek magazine! And I have loved Norman Reedus since The Boondock Saints, if they ever kill off Daryl I might actually stop watching The Walking Dead!! My FF. New Bloglovin and Twitter follower.

  5. Wow! Lots of magazines there! I'm not really a magazine reader myself.

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  6. Wow you have some great magazines! I need that one with Norman Reedus on the cover!

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  7. Pretty able post. Never believed that it was this simple afterwards all. I had spent a abounding accordance of my time analytic for anyone to explain this accountable acutely and you're the alone 1 that anytime did that. Kudos to you! Accrue it up