Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
by Mary Roach

This book, despite its rather morbid topic, is incredibly interesting.
Mary Roach covers everything from how human corpses first started being used in medical research, to transplant technology, to the benefits of using cadavers in crash simulations to edible delicacies made from human cadavers.

Mary Roach's style is humorous, but respectful, although admittedly, sometimes she just says what we were all thinking. Her work is serious investigatory journalism and each chapter for me was eye opening.

Some of the things that have been done are just unbelievable when it comes to cadavers, or in some cases, to living folks. Roach doesn't shy away from the morbid, so if you are incredibly squeamish, this book is not for you.

It is an amazing, informative book about our bodies lives after our life has ended.
I recommend everyone who thinks they can handle it, give it a go.


  1. I've heard so many awesome things about this book. Thanks for the review! Sounds like a good Halloween read...haha.

  2. I have this one on my shelf. I love taboo subjects. I'm glad it was worth the read for you!

    Mad Scientist @ Steampunkery & Book Reviews

  3. This sounds very intriguing but I'm not really sure if I can handle it! bit of a wimp really!!
    Thanks for the review though.
    Lynn :D

  4. It might sound a little odd, but this is a book that really influenced how I look at life. I'm fairly young, I hadn't given much thought to, you know, the eventuality of becoming a cadaver. But when I came down to it, I want to be useful after I'm dead. It helped broach the subject with my family too.

  5. This was a fascinating book wasn't it? Some of the things I learned in this book have stayed with me for a long time. I haven't tried out any of her other books though. I really should.

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. I've got this one on my wishlist and am so curious to read it now!