Thursday, September 16, 2010

Team Unicorn! Zombies Vs. Unicorns Challenge

There is a new challenge in town... and you are forced to take sides.
Do you choose the ethereal, beautiful, majestic Unicorn... who, admittedly, is often a bit too girly and froofy for my taste?
Or do you choose the lumbering, hungry, determined, Zombie... who, admittedly, is a little rank.

Well... Go visit vvB32 to take part in the challenge, and see what prizes you could win!
Then follow her links to the leaders of each challenge, and read their compelling arguments as to why you should choose one over the other.

Me? I chose Team Unicorn... because I felt BookRat made a strong case in their favor.
Had she not been so compelling... I would have been Team Zombie all the way ;)

But here are a few reasons why one SHOULD choose Team Unicorn:

1. Things with one horn are cool... Narwhals, Freak Goats, Rhinos... UNICORNS!
2. Do you see Zombie Tapestries? NO!
3. Makes it easy to find virgins... you know... for sacrifices and stuff.
4. They're easier to ride... seriously... have you TRIED riding a zombie...
5. You'll never need to find a stick to roast marshmallows over the fire again!

Those are just a few reasons... really... the list is endless.


  1. I am laughing while imagining someone trying to ride on a zombie. HAHAHA :x and 5th point is funny too!! :D

    Team unicorn ftw! woohoo!

  2. off topic, but your rating system, the squids are sooooooo cute! Plus, at the moment you're at 99 followers. So naturally, it only makes sense follow your blog and be the 100th follower and see the cute squids on my google reader! :D

  3. WOO HOO! 100 Followers!!! Time for another giveaway!

    And Fi-chan, for being my 100th follower... a special gift for you! XD ... now... as soon as I figure out what that is... I'll let you know, lol!

  4. I'm team unicorn all the way! I've never really seen the appeal of zombies, anyway. :P

  5. Thanks for commenting on my Grimm Legacy review! I'm glad to hear that someone had a similar reaction. I too agree that the author's got potential and hopefully her books will keep getting better & better!

  6. I'm totally team Unicorn. I love those suckers and make some great points. Plus, if you had a zombie it'd already have a name AND would be losing body parts all the time. No fun!

  7. I never knew that there's a challenge going on though I'm on Team Unicorn so no need to convince me.

  8. Freak Goats!! See, you're admitting it. Unicorns are Freak Goats!
    And what's with all the it's so easy stuff? Easy makes you weak!
    Zombies are much more challenging than Unicorns and make sure you stay fit and alert at all times!

  9. Oh Sullivan McPig... you misread! I'm not saying those creatures are all the same, I'm saying they're all creatures with one horn! A Freak Goat and a Unicorn are most certainly not the same thing...

    And Zombies aren't more challenging!! You have obviously never lived on a farm around horses... I suspect a corral of zombies would be rather dull, they certainly don't have the wits to escape... and I'm sure they are easily herded about by placing a living person in the direction you want them to go...

    Where as a corral of Unicorns?! My Goodness... first of all... corralling such brilliant and majestic creatures is sure to get you skewered on a horn... not to mention, since they are all so brilliant... it would probably take both intense physical and mental dexterity to actually get them to go anywhere.

    Oh no... I was most certainly not admitting that a Unicorn is a goat. Not at all!

  10. Hmm, I do love me some roasted marshmallows. However! I'm still team Zombie. You made a good argument, but s'mores will not sway me! (Not a lot, anyway.)

    If you think unicorns are hard to corral, try zombie horses! FEED by Mira Grant has given me a new appreciation of them. *shudder*

  11. Awesome team unicorn post! Yet again, more fabulous reasons to LOVE unicorns!


  12. I don't suggest trying to ride a zombie, it's messy and disgusting.


  13. YESSSS! I love reason #3. ;p
    Welcome to the team!
    Cupcakes coming your way.

  14. Another reason Team Unicorn is better... cupcakes.

    You won't see Zombies caring anything about cupcakes.

  15. lol...I'm loving the comments here!

    I'm still a team zombie girl though and I'm your newest follower:-)

    Have an awesome day!

  16. Perfect reasons and perfect post! Unicorns are simply the best. You can't beat them! ><

  17. I <3 Unicorns! :)