Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Waiting On Wednesday

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This week I'm waiting on...

The Search for Wondla also has it's own site here:
Go check it out!
Not to mention Tony DiTerlizzi's really fantastic personal site which should be seen... HERE!

I don't have much of a wait, mind you, it comes out next week... along with the other title I'm waiting for...

Zombies VS. Unicorns is the other title I'm excited about... mostly because the people participating are fantastic!

Here are some of the sites/blogs of people participating... most noteably, check out Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier's blogs, where they argue in favor of the side they've chosen!

On to the blogs/websites!

1. Holly Black
2. Justine LArbalestier
3. Meg Cabot
4. Kathleen Duey
5. Garth Nix
6. Naomi Novik
7. Diana Peterfreund
8. Libba Bray
9. Cassandra Clare
10. Alaya Dawn Johnson
11. Maureen Johnson
12. Carrie Ryan
13. Scott Westerfield

Margo Lanagan is also taking part, but I couldn't find her home website!
I'm really psyched about both of them and have to scramble to finish my latest purchases so that my plate is clear for when they come out!


  1. Zombies v Unicorns sounds like a great fun read, and the cover is wonderful.
    Great picks!

  2. Unicorns Vs. Zombies does look like a great book and it's so funny that I can run down that list and pick out which sides some of the authors are on by the books they've written. Great WoW pick!

    My WoW Pick

  3. hi, I just gave you a blog award, check it out on my blog!


  4. I'm really excited for next week... although my wallet is weeping... endlessly XD

    And thank you for the blog award!!

  5. i want your books, too! Especially WondaLa - I love the cover!

  6. I'm also waiting on Zombies vs. Unicorns!

    Lots of great Authors :)

  7. I am looking forward to reading Zombies vs Unicorns :) Haven't heard of The search for Wondla before, but will be going to check it out!

  8. Looking forward to reading Unicorns vs Zombies. Love Holly Black so that should be awesome! Haven't heard of the previous title before, but will be checking that out.

  9. I think I should mention, after seeing more comments about the love for Holly Black but not knowing about Wondla...

    Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi (author and illustrator of Wondla) have teamed up before for The Spyderwick Chronicles!! Just in case you didn't realize :)

  10. Both of these look great, really looking forward to Tony's book!

  11. I'm hearing such good things about Zombies vs. Unicorns. I haven't read any Holly Black, but I've heard such great things about White Cat so I'll definitely be picking this one up:)

  12. I hope you get your books and that you enjoy them. Check out what I am Waiting on Wednesday for.

  13. I have both of those books in my "to read" stack too...they both look so good. :)

  14. Awesome WoW! I'm super excited about Zombies vs. Unicorns!

    I'm a new follower :)

    Check out my WoW here!

  15. Fun pick and graphic :)

    Thanks for dropping by my WOW :)

  16. Tony DiTerlizzi has been a favorite of mine since Spiderwick. And Zombies vs Unicorns? Awesome!
    Reading the Paranormal

  17. Both books sound like a lot of fun! Great picks!

  18. I haven't heard of Wondla. The cover looks cute.
    Alison Can Read

  19. Can't wait for Zombies vs Unicorns, thank goodness it comes out next week :)

  20. Zombies and Unicorns? This I have to check out.

  21. I'm glad I could help spread the word! Zombies Vs. Unicorns is FULL of awesome authors... and Wondla... is going to be beautiful... that's all DiTerlizzi does is make beautiful things!!!

  22. Great choices. I lucked out tonight at the Smart Chicks Kick it tour, and was able to purchase the only copy they had of Z vs U, and get it signed.... sweet. Cant wait to crawl into bed and read it.

    Team Zombie.

    I just have say, I LOVE the rating system, so cute.

  23. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I haven't read anything by Tony DiTerlizzi but the premise sounds pretty wild!

  24. i've seen these books around and they seem really fun reads. hope you get them soon :)

    have a great week :)


  25. I enjoyed Zombie vs Unicorns and hope you do too! Thankss for visiting my blog!

  26. The Search for WindLa looks really interesting, great pick. Zombies vs. Unicorns was really good, hope you like it!

  27. I really can't wait for Zombies vs. Unicorns either. Sounds totally fun. Wondla looks fascinating and the art on the cover makes me think of The Last Unicorn or something similar. Hm.

  28. Can't wait for Zombies vs. Unicorns!!! Great picks!!

  29. Cool WoW!!! I LOVE your new look. I definitely want to read these books. Awesome header and the Waiting on Wednesday pic is super cool too.

  30. Nice picks and I love your WOW banner.