Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teaser Tuesdays and a Manga Review

First up...
Teaser Tuesday!
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My teaser this week is from Zombies vs. Unicorns:

"They go off and grab the first thirteen-year-old who coos at them, and then it's all, 'Their purity will lead the way,' blah, blah, blah. Lead the way to a whole bunch of dead baby unicorns, maybe."

This excerpt was from The Purity Test by Naomi Novik...
which was one pretty amusing, funny story.

Now for the Manga review!

Today I'll be reviewing Kobato, Volume 3, the latest release from CLAMP.

Kobato is a mysterious young girl who has been assigned the task of healing people's hearts. She has a tiny jar that collects tiny stars when she is successful. She is accompanied by a stuffed pooch named Ioryogi... who is obviously more than he seems. She has tasked herself with healing the hearts of the employees of a local Kindergarden...
but finds herself doing so much more.

Character Likability:
Kobato herself is adorable. She's naive, sweet, caring and pretty much like an overgrown child.
You can't help but like her.
Sometimes I find Ioryogi a tad annoying... he goes from extremes of quiet to yelling... and his yelling is often over the top. He's no Kero... but he's not entirely unlikable either.
The other supporting cast seems likable enough, but this is only volume 3, and you don't know quite enough about them yet.
Quality of Writing:
Easy to understand and easy flowing, this text isn't a bother to follow at all, and isn't choppy. Words are where you expect them to be and the dialogue is natural.
Since this is in the middle of a series, there is no true ending. Nothing is even concluded, and that really happens is more problems are introduced...
the equivalent of a TV episode cliff-hanger.
In the third volume of this series, the plot becomes more in depth. There are shocking revelations and what seemed like a simple situation becomes increasingly more complex. Personally, I'm both interested in and excited by the added depth to this story.
Quality of Illustration:
CLAMP has my all-time favorite Manga Illustrators on their team... I think their work is so flowing and beautiful... the line work is amazing, the detail is amazing, and their knowledge of the human anatomy is amazing :)


  1. That teaser is cute...and I'm surprised at how much I loved the illustration from the Manga review. I'll have to explore this format more...

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  2. An interesting teaser, though it does not sound like a book I would like. Thanks for visiting! *G*

  3. How funny! your teaser is so unique - the book must be too :) Here's me hitting my goodreads TBR button.
    About your classics comment? I'm way past school, but I'm reading this cause I missed reading it while I was a kid :D
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  4. Nice teaser! Dead baby unicorns...lol.

    Thanks for the follow and comment. :)

  5. Kobato is new to me. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on any volumes, particularly vol 3.

  6. Thanks for the teaser! It totally reminds me of Rampant by Peterfreund.

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  7. I've been interested in reading Zombies vs Unicorns. It definitely sounds like a unique take on the genre. I like the teaser!

  8. Actually, Diana Peterfreund is one of the contributing authors, I was just about to start her story "How to raise your baby killer unicorn"

    Just in case people are unaware, this is a book of short stories, alternating; unicorn, zombie, unicorn, zombie... it's, so far, not an actual story of zombies and unicorns fighting, despite the awesomely gruesome cover :)

  9. Definitely an interesting tidbit!

  10. I really want to read Zombies vs. Unicorns! It sounds so awesome. Great teaser!

    My teaser is from Going Bovine by Libba Bray.

  11. I like Naomi Novik, but I haven't read this one.

  12. What a cool teaser. Never thought I'd see unicorns described this way. Going to look it up this book next.

  13. CLAMP is always so gorgeous. Fun teaser! My TT from Linger is here.

    From the Shadows

  14. Aww, baby unicorns :) Great teaser!

  15. That is an interesting teaser. I shall have to look this one up.

  16. Stopping by from TT--never read a book about unicorns.

  17. Happy Teaser Tuesday everybody! Hope you will check out my teaser for Tempted (House of Night #6) by PC Cast and Kristin Cast! by the way anyone who features my novel The Thirteenth Chime on a Teaser Tuesday can add there blog link here and they will be featured on my Facebook and Twitter!

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  18. Good teaser, I may have to look into that one!

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  19. Great teaser! I hope that you are enjoying Zombies vs. Unicorns! I need to pick up my own copy!

    Thanks for checking out my teaser!

    Claire :)

  20. funny teaser^.^

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  21. Great teaser and it's a good idea putting Manga review in your teaser :) I love manga tho I don't really pay much attention to Clamp

  22. Very nice teasers! Cool idea with the Manga. I've tried reading them and I have to admit, alas, that I can't get the hang of them but good for you for posting them. Thank you for following me :)

  23. I didn't know if I wanted to read Zombies vs. unicorns until I saw it at the bookstore. Now I want the book SO BAD! I think it's the cover and the artwork. But I heard it's pretty good too!